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mar '05

MAMEdOX v1.0 för Xbox släppt!

Mamedox v1.0 (Coding by Ebsy and HK$, Support files by BritneysPAIRS.)


Interface improvements/modifications

* Added Back button to cycle through sort methods (by name, by manufacturer, by genre etc.) The sort mode is displayed at the top of the screen.
* Fixed Screenshots aspect ratio in display modes.
* Clones use screenshot from parent rom.
* Favourite roms are displayed as a different colour (gold).
* ’Show Favourites’ filter now replaces ’filter disliked’.
* Renamed some text in UI for accuracy.

New Drivers

* MAME 0.92 driver added for Super Trio (suprtrio)

Extra Options

* Soften and Flicker Filter are now configurable.
* Ability to select whether clones use their own screenshot, or the screenshot from its parent rom.
* ”Force VMM” is set to ’off’ by default, this is to enable the use of the new updated VM.txt
* Miscellaneous Default options changed to be more user-friendly.

General Changes

* Changed save game location (was 4d414d45 now 4d414d46.)
* Changed save game icon.
* Debug.log logging removed.
* default skin updated to reflect UI changes.

Support Files

* cheat.dat, hiscore.dat and new catver.ini added
* samples and artwork added.
* New optimised VM.txt.
* New rom configs added to fix remapped keys.
* updated DAT’s for romcenter and clrmame (DAT’s not 100% tested.)

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