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apr '05

MAME 0.95u2 släppt


Incredible Tech. 8-bit update [Aaron Giles]
* added extensive documentation on all the various PCB layouts
* reorganized drivers to match PCB information
* fixed paging/flicker problems in Poker Dice/Dyno Bop
* fixed lack of announcer voices in Rim Rockin’ Basketball (rimrockn057gre)
* fixed P3/P4 controls in Rim Rockin’ Basketball
* added ”behind the beam” updating for Super Strike Bowling
* redid Slick Shot input to use a crosshair for starting point and trackball
movement for velocity
* hooked up inputs for Dyno Bop/Super Strike Bowling, which are now somewhat
* rewrote blitter implementation to be much simpler (no more macros)
* measured and implemented accurate blitter timing (fixes some speed
* cleaned up TMS34061 implementation to remove dirty pixel tracking
* fixed scanline computations in TMS34061 code
* updated Capcom Bowling driver as well to handle TMS34061 changes

Sega ST-V update [Angelo Salese]
* Fixed Batman Forever rom loading,now the game works,thanks to Runik to point this out.
* Fixed some interrupt issues because the old implementation was giving several hangs
on the above game.To be more specific added the sprite draw end irq to the INTERRUPT_GEN
structure & fixed a bug which prevented the vblank bit to not be cleared if the irq mask
has the VBLANK-IN disactivated.
* Fixed the NMI_disable/enable cmds on the SMPC device,his function is to active/disactive
a bit in the SMPC ram.This fixes the ”2 credits bug at start-up” in Shanghai Triple Threat.
* Fixed a bug in the bitmap type 4 in VDP2 handling,which was causing the Sunsoft logo in
Shanghai Triple Threat to not show correctly.

Removed hack from Ghox controls so it acts like real PCB [Corrado Tomaselli]

Attempted to fix crash in Crackdown [David Haywood]

Misc Patch [Nathan Woods]
– Added a hook that allows drivers to override the indexed
addressing mode (there is a certain system on the MESS side that does
some very ugly tricks to change the behavior of this mode)

– PIA fix

Fixed error introduced in Splash when Funny Strip gfx were fixed [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Improved SSlam audio MCU sim [Quench]

SN76496 improvements [Sebastien Chevalier]

Megaplay dipswitch fix [Barry Rodewald]

Improved gamelist.txt generation code [Buddabing, Atari Ace]

Changed way in which MCU kludge/hack works in armedf driver [Sebastien Chevalier]

mayjisn2 input fix [WING]

New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

Up Your Alley [Aaron Giles]
Dr. Tomy [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Snapper [Aaron Giles, Simon White]
Pocket Gal Deluxe (bootleg) [David Haywood]
Batman Forever [Angelo Salese, Runik]


Wally wo Sagase! (Rev. B) [Chack’n]
DD. Crew (Japan, 2 Player) [Chack’n]
Aurail (Japan) [Chack’n]
Trio the Punch (World) [Roberto Gandola]
Simpsons (4 Player alt) [Chris Hardy]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING

Comad World Beach Ball Championship 1997 (skeleton driver)
Monster World (different memory map etc. to speed spin)
Peno Cup (maybe wrong title, corrupt rom data)

Panic Road [Tomasz Slanina] (encrypted gfx, like mustache boy?)

D.D Crew (3 Player, World) [Chris Hardy] (hangs when you select character, needs investigation)

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