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apr '05

Asterisk på ett 32MB USB-minne

AstLinux 0.2.4

AstLinux is a custom Linux distro built to run from Compact Flash. Right now it fits pretty comfortably on a 32mb Compact Flash card (under 27mb used space). This Compact Flash card stays mounted read-only %99 of the time. AstLinux has two ”images” available. One specifically for the Soekris Net4801, and one for generic PC hardware of i586 MMX and higher. It is by no means a standard Linux distro. It is targeted for a firewall, NAT, DHCP server, DNS proxy, Asterisk do-it-all magic box tucked away in a closet somewhere. It is not designed for multiple users. It does not have every available feature. But it does fit in 27mb, remember?

Läs mer på:

Linux kernel 2.4.27
watchdog (busybox)
cron (busybox)
busybox (and everything with it…)
TFTP server (from inetd)
ProFTPD server (from inetd)
mini_httpd (with SSL)
PHP in CGI mode (patched for above)
NTP (ntpdate, ntpq, ntpd)
syslog (busybox with remote log support)
vi (from busybox)
tc (kernel traffic shaping)
National Semiconductor DP83815 v1.52D modules (short cable fix)
phpconfig (Asterisk PHP config gui, patched to actually WORK)
Asterisk (with asterisk-sounds package)
AstShape (my wonderful QoS/traffic shaping script)
strace (for those difficult problems)
nfs-utils (kernel modules and userspace tools for NFS support)
Sangoma WanPIPE (for use with A101 / 102 / S518?)
zaprtc (zaptel timing source without zaptel hardware)
and many, many more (download to find out!)

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