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apr '05

Staden München väljer Debian GNU/Linux

Munich selects suppliers for Linux migration

On 14 April 2005 the Munich City Council announced it had chosen Softcon and Gonicus to deliver open source software applications for its 14,000 desktop computers.

The two local suppliers won an international call for tenders and were awarded a contract to create, configure and administer open source software provided through the Debian GNU/Linux project for all of the City Council desktops, which will migrate from Microsoft Windows to Linux in the framework of Munich??s LiMux initiative. The contract also involves the delivery of a number of applications designed specifically for the city.

Softcon and Gonicus won the contract with a joint bid, defeating fierce competition from other software companies. According to LiMux project manager Peter Hofmann, the number of tenders received and their quality provided evidence that migration to Linux at the desktop was not ??an exotic solution on the market?. Mr Hofmann said the two companies would now create a prototype with a view to start the actual migration by the end of the year. If all goes well, the City Council hopes to complete the migration by late 2008.



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