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sep '05

MAME 0.100 släppt!

Source Changes

Fixed crash in some games when using a low sample rate or -nosound.
[Aaron Giles]

Fixes crashes in the following drivers: [Aaron Giles]
* Beat Head (video update)
* Hit Me (graphics decode)
* Imago (palette setup)
* Legend of Kage bootlegs (accessing invalid CPU)
* Rock Climber
* Speed Attack (palette out of range)

TumblePop driver updates: [David Haywood]
* split driver into tumblep.c and tumbleb.c
* tumblep.c runs the original tumble pop sets and use now using
deco16ic.c for the gfx.
* tumbleb.c runs the bootlegs and games which use hardware which works
in a similar way to tumble pop (semicom titles etc.)

Kludged around glitches in Monster World. [David Haywood]

Cross Pang is now using the sprite draw copied from tumbleb.c instead as
the game also seems to be based around Tumble Pop designs, as a result the
’Alpha Blend’ bit has been removed and replaced with a flicker sprite bit
like Tumble Pop which looks more correct to me. Also changed some default
settings. [David Haywood]

Corrected Indian Battle DIP switches. [ShimaPong]

Updated D-Day DIP switches to use conditionals. [James Wallace]

More Namco sound/MCU updates: [R. Belmont]
* Fixed analog controls for Ridge Racer and Rage Racer
* Fixed sound/music to play in System 22 games
* Fully share the sound part of the MCU RAM for System 11. This allows
games to read back the song names and fixes the sound test menu in
Tekken and Tekken 2.

New clones added

G-LOC R360 [Craig Walker]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING

Rebus [David Haywood]

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